Friday, September 21, 2007

Jesus on the beach

A friend of mine sent this to me in an e-mail but the pictures didn't come up. I was so disappointed. So I googled it and found them! The are so good I needed to share them.
Here's the link to the site.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Ok, it's way too early in the year to start this. But it's happening anyway and unfortunately I'm in the middle of it. But desparately trying to stay out of it.
The teacher I work with shares students with another resource teacher in the 8th grade. She, the teacher I work with, has been known to have an abrasive attitude and can talk down to other adults. I've witnessed this behavior already this year.
Well, there was a language arts test that was adapted by the other teacher, a teacher by the way has been in the district for many years. It wasn't adapted quite the way my teacher wanted it, so she adapted it and said this would be the test to go with.
There was a blow up that next morning and it was decided by the principal to go with the other teachers test.
So what does my teacher do but tell the kids in our direct instruction class that if they don't do well that they can do her test and see if they do better! *sigh*

Like I said it's way too early for this. We've only had 1 full week of school. Every morning I've been praying that God keeps me out of the middle and out of harms way. I also pray for my teacher to talk in a respectful manner and to keep me out of a situation where there is a confrontation. I hate confrontations! I really want to do well this year and have been given a good opportunity to learn something new. So I'm depending on God to keep me safe.

The 8th grade team is a great group of teachers that I really like. Unfortunately the teacher that I work with has not developed a good relationship with them so.. Thats why I'm really dependent on God to see me thru this and I know he has a good plan. My prayer is that everyone just get along for the kids sake. So it could be a fun year.
God's peace is much needed this year. :-)