Sunday, January 6, 2008


I am once again making my new years resolutions.
Losing weight has always been my resolution for the past 15 years. I've tried and tried and I'll keep trying until I lose my weight.
I'm not healthy. I have high blood pressure, acid reflux asthma and in the past several years have suspected that I have fibromyalgia. The sharp stabbing pains I have just have been a lot to deal with lately. And I'm tired of them.
So I'm making the resolution to get healthy, again. I have too.

My second resolution is to stay in touch with my cousins. For most of them it will be easy to do but there are 2 that I have issues with.
My cousin is my uncles daughter. Mom and Dad are divorced. After the divorce Angie's Mom got very nasty towards my family. Making snide comments about my uncle and trashing my family name. Angie follows in her mom's footsteps. At her graduation and her wedding she completely ignored the family, my family. She did it in a way that it was very obvious and hurtful. She does things and did things that were very hurtful to my family and my grandmother. When my son diagnosed with MS neither she nor her brother showed concern nor asked about Rick. When my Mom was diagnosed with leukemia again they never called her. They live 15 minutes away.Where my other cousins who live in Texas and California called my Mom and sent cards.
It's hard because I have so much animosity towards them, especially Angie, but yet I know I'm suppose to ignore my feelings because it's pleasing to God. So I sent both a Christmas card in it a Christmas letter with request of their e-mail addresses. Telling both I want to keep in better touch. We'll see......
My third resolution is to be a better christian. To outreach to others and my family. To set an example of what a christian is. I want people to see how I live my life and want what I have it.
These are the resolutions I'm going to strive to accomplish.