Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Saddened and Sickened by this

I know fortunately this hasn't been widely publicized but I did have to comment on the picketing of the memorial services that have been held for the students that were killed last Thursday at NIU.
The Westboro Baptist Church members have been picketing with signs that say that the students deserved to be killed, that they are in hell and the God hates Fags.
This saddens me because these are already grieving and these misguided people are adding to their grief.
Also, it sends out the message that God hates gays. Which sickens me and angers me.
But I know that my God is a God of love. My God loves Gays. My God is LOVE!!!
He defined love, is love and showers his people with love.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

School Drama

You know when I moved from the middle school to an elementary school I thought the drama would be in the past. I was wrong.
Our principal has been at a 3 day conference and hasn't been at school. The assistants have weekly Friday meetings with her. An e-mail was sent out by our principal for the assistants, but was mailed to the whole staff. Something I had an issue about. Not a big one but still....
The e-mail was about complaints that have been reported to her by someone, who knows who, about things that she doesn't feel we are accomplishing and also to change the meeting to Monday. Then another e-mail was sent out, to the whole staff again just for the assistants again. And again someone had told her that we (assistants) thought the meeting was going to be a yelling session. Which we don't.
We have met as a group and are having some of our concerns voiced to her in a non-threatening way by our building union rep.
I have no idea what will happen on Monday. But the one thing I'm grateful for is communication between a good group of assistants and a principal that also communicates with her staff.
I really like the people that I work with so I pray that things will be taken the way they will be conveyed.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Catching up

Boy I didn't know that it's been a month since I last posted.
With yesterday's primary elections the impending presidential election has me concerned. The democratic party does not represent me or my strong christian beliefs. It hasn't for awhile. They have gone so far in their socialistic opinions that has me scared for my country and the people in it. Their egotistical attitude along with the news media appalls me.
I don't watch the news at all anymore. The are biased and they don't state the facts. Our country has moved so far away from the biblical principles that it was founded on. It's so sad.
The republican candidate that I did vote for didn't win our state and second doesn't count. So I'm uncertain who I'll vote for if anyone for president.
Enough of that...
The best thing of the election is the referendum for Dekalb schools passed! After 4 maybe 5 tries and I think at least 7 years since the last referendum the voters passed the referendum.
I was surprised because they asked for the more money than the other proposals.
They will be building a new high school, refurbishing the old high school and Huntley middle school. Huntley middle school will move to the old high school and Chesebro elementary will move into the old Huntley MS.
Chesebro will then be a Pre-K early childhood building.
Cortland Elementary, the school where I work will be getting a new school! This was so needed. Cortland is a very old building that has been added on to quite a few years ago, but if the referendum hadn't passed we would had music, art and the library on wheels or on a cart. Art is on a cart now and resource now is in a hallway and we work with kids in the hallway. So classes have no doors, like the MH room. We are literally busting at the seams. Plus we have a student in a wheelchair with no elevator.
So to have a new building in our future will be so nice. 2 years from now. Having room will great. I've never worked in a new building before. I'm not sure the other things that will be happening to other schools but I know they are crowded too.
Besides not having to drive in the snow this an added bonus.
The snow is here and I'll be spending the rest of the day with Bobbie, who doesn't like the snow.
Or the wind or the cold. I think it comes with age because I don't like all that either.

That's what life brings right now. Plus the Bud Shoot out is in 3 days, Daytona is in 10! Whoohoo! Finally Nascar will be coming back.