Monday, May 5, 2008


You know I have fond memories of many of my relatives. You see, I was the first born grand baby of both of my families. My mom and Daddy were the oldest or next to oldest in moms case of there families. All my aunts and uncles were still in school when I was born. My parents got homesick and went home for the weekends every weekend. So I got loved alot when I was little. I also got to see my great aunts and uncles too and got close to most of family members. My grandmother loved company, and loved to cook. She became special person to everyone that she met. So dinners with her involved extended families most times. It was a very loving atmosphere to grow up in.

Now those dear people are few and far between. There is not many of them left. Grandma died 7 years ago. Followed by my Grandfather on my Dad's side the following July. Then recently my cousin and childhood friend Annie died about a year ago. She was a year younger than me. Soon I'll have to say goodbye to another. But they will always remain in my memories and in my heart.