Friday, June 27, 2008

Bobbie Scare

Today we had a "Bobbie Scare." It started off typically except we had Evan stay overnight with us. Bob went outside did his thing and came in slurped some water and went into the kitchen. When he came out he had his mouth open trying to breathe. He also had all this phlegm. We wiped his face, thumped on his chest, back and called the vet. Couldn't see him until 2:15. Thought we were going to lose him. Buddy with Evan to load engines to the engine show. I stayed back with Bob. He eventually calmed down, started breathing better. By the time Buddy came back to go with me to Bob's appointment, Bobbie was breathing ok and sleeping.
The vet said Bobbie did a reverse sneeze which would explain the gagging and phlegm.
Bobbie has an upper respiratory infection and a heart murmur. Buddy said he told us about the heart murmur last time. I didn't remember that. So, $130 later we had antibiotics, thyroid medicine and shampoo. Bobbie's doing better, sleeping and still snorting around. But acting somewhat normal. Poor Dog.
Some that was my day today. Fun, fun...but at least we still have Bobbie. :-)