Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Last night Rick finally got moved completely out of the house in Rochelle. Not without quite a bit of drama. Barb, Rick's ex-girlfriend refused to let Buddy or Christie, Rick's new girlfriend, help him move, by coming into the house. Rick would carry things to the door and Buddy and Christie would carry them the rest of the way out. I don't know what she said or did but it got to the point where Rick wanted to hit her. Now we taught both boys never hit a girl and Rick didn't hit Barb but it must pretty bad.
Buddy did go into the house and he did help Rick move the heavier things regardless of what Barb said or wanted. Buddy never said anything negative to her just smiled at her.
But all this causes me to wonder...Barb has absolutely no idea that she is playing into the devil's hands. He's there laughing at her!
That makes me very sad. That she doesn't know the loving God that is waiting there for her.
But the good thing is that Rick is out of that situation. He no longer has to deal with the stress that Barb causes. Stress that can be very harmful to him. That I'm very grateful for.