Saturday, February 9, 2008

School Drama

You know when I moved from the middle school to an elementary school I thought the drama would be in the past. I was wrong.
Our principal has been at a 3 day conference and hasn't been at school. The assistants have weekly Friday meetings with her. An e-mail was sent out by our principal for the assistants, but was mailed to the whole staff. Something I had an issue about. Not a big one but still....
The e-mail was about complaints that have been reported to her by someone, who knows who, about things that she doesn't feel we are accomplishing and also to change the meeting to Monday. Then another e-mail was sent out, to the whole staff again just for the assistants again. And again someone had told her that we (assistants) thought the meeting was going to be a yelling session. Which we don't.
We have met as a group and are having some of our concerns voiced to her in a non-threatening way by our building union rep.
I have no idea what will happen on Monday. But the one thing I'm grateful for is communication between a good group of assistants and a principal that also communicates with her staff.
I really like the people that I work with so I pray that things will be taken the way they will be conveyed.

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