Friday, July 13, 2007


This past week has been very hard. I've been sick for most of the week with some kind of strand of the flu. I didn't realize how much I loved being outside until the other day. It was so nice out and I went outside. I pulled weeds, probably not the best thing for me to do but, you must understand I haven't been able to go outside to do yardwork since...April. My asthma or whatever I've got is keeping me from it. So I pulled weeds and today I paid for it.
Tomorrow is my birthday and I've been reflective of things I haven't done in my life and haven't done this summer. My health isn't what it should be and I hate being inside all the time. But I'm losing weight a little bit at a time and hopefully by winter I'll have it half way gone. It's my goal to get healthy and not spend next summer inside! So Happy Birthday to Me!

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