Saturday, June 30, 2007


Well, today was the parade. Buddy is always in it. The last few years he has borrowed a tractor and a hay wagon from a friend. This year he put the Witte Log Saw on the hay wagon. It was a challenge and he almost didn't get it on the hay wagon from his trailer. I did ask him if he missed Rick. And he said Yes!!! Rick always helped him load the engines on the trailer and the last several years he's been Rickless. But like I said he did get it on, took him 4 tries and some praying on my part, but he got it on. He got up early this morning and got it decorated.
Evan and my father in law were on the float and Buddy's Uncle Allen was on his International Picker. Evan has decided he loves spending time with Uncle Bud. Last weekend he spent alot of time with Buddy at the engine show. He kept an eye on him for me because I couldn't go. So it was good.
But I'm getting sidetracked.
Buddy did get 2nd place on best 4th of July theme on the float. Buddy's gotten 2-2nd places and a 1st place. But he doesn't do it for the trophies he does it for the fun of being in the parade.
I got to spend some time with my family. I chanced being outside more today, I hope I don't spend my night coughing but if I do it was worth it to be able to spend time with my family. I pray it's just my asthma being abnormal and not something more.
The other thing is I can't believe June is almost gone. There are so many things I want to do this summer, I guess if I run out of summer it will need to be done in the some other time.
This was a good day. God is Good and God never changes.

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