Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Very Frustrating

Wasn't I a beautiful baby. :-)
Actually I haven't found a recent picture of myself that I really liked, so I used a baby pic.
Well I've been trying to set up my blog but, my dumb computer keeps exiting out of the window everytime I enter something. So I need to click on my icon and get back to my home page then, go to the website, sign back in and keep on going. I'll need to look and see what I changed recently so it doesn't suddenly get rid of what I'm working on.
Other than that I'm having fun. I have other blogs but this one is fairly easy to use, might get rid of the other 2.
I had a really nice day. Went to talk with our awesome pastor and left feeling very good and hopeful. I'm concerned about my family and the stress we seem to be under. Knowing God will keep us strong and continue to guide our way is always relief.
Have a good one.

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