Friday, August 24, 2007

The Storm

Well today was the first full day of school and it started out with a bang or maybe I should say a BOOM!
I can mark off on things that I have experienced going thru in my lifetime, a tornado lock down at school. We got the notice that a severe thunderstorm was headed right our way just before we dismissed the kids. So it decided to keep them until the storm past. Then the severe thunderstorm warning turned into a Tornado warning. There was a flash and a big kaboom and the lights went out. 8th grade kids screamed, and then our emergency lights came on. Not room lights but lights in halls. Boy, what fun!
The kids were good. I was in the classroom with 5 kids and my teacher, Julie. On the other side of the door was 8th grade science. I think that is the quietest I've heard those kids in 3 years.
The buses were here already and we also have a bus that drops off kids from St. Mary's. So they came into the building to safety.
We held the kids for about 45 minutes, then dismissed them. They had to run thru the ran and lightening.
Oh did I mention that I'm scared of thunderstorms and especially tornadoes.
Fun ending to the day.
We are all safe and sound. Alan was home and Rick was at work.
Julie's son was dismissed from school, why? I don't know. She lives in Geneva and she was afraid that if the power went out her son would have no way to get into the house because he enters thru the garage door. But she did get in touch with him, he had told her that it was a BIG storm and that he was scared. She told him, that he could get something to eat and the 2 dogs, they have 1 german shepard and a lab/german shepard mix, and go down to the basement where he was safe. But that had to be very hard for her.

But all were fine no one was hurt.
Since there is so much rain/water that we didn't have school today. Funny using a snowday for rain. But I'm relieved that I didn't need to go anywhere.
We are soggy but pretty dry considering. A little bit of water in the basement but it's ok.

Just looking forward to the day off.

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