Saturday, October 6, 2007


Ok I may not of spelled this right but in all truth this post will be that. A very emotional topic has been brought up especially when it concerns healthcare.
It's my belief that government should not fund it. Yes, I know there are many good federal insurance helps out there. But I feel the private sector should be the ones funding it. Especially those in entertainment. I really wish the church was in the position to do this because in my heart I feel the church needs to be involved. But I don't think that will happen. I'm scared of "big" government. I'm scared of this next election some of the people that are running are for a more socialistic government. I feel God is moving away from our great country because so much of today's politics is so un-God like. Nothing that our forefathers wanted. I'm not for a war, especially one we can't win. We can't win this one because our congress won't fund this so we could have won it and never did.
Ok enough on that......
This week is a happy week. My cousin Maki is a new Mommy and I pray for their she her husband Ray and little Joshua's safe return. I also got a card from her sister Jamie with her little babies pictures, Presley Kiyoko. This week was unusual because I wasn't in my normal classroom 2 out of the 5 days because I got pulled to cover another student. Which was fun.
This next week I'll only have 3 days of work. I have a dr. appt. because my hand has been giving me fits for awhile but now it's hard to type, write or anything else with my right hand without it hurting. I'm concerned because of the underlining issues with family. Mom with Raynaud's, Rick with both carpal tunnel and MS. So I'm hoping its old fashioned arthritus. We'll see on tues.
Mom and Dad will be leaving tomorrow to find out more about her Sarcoid condition and will be in MN for 3-6 days. At least they will have pretty countryside to drive thru.
must close can't really type more.

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