Sunday, September 7, 2008


As I read some my past e-mails some have filled me with a great sadness. Most if not all my sadness is over the fact that my 2 uncles are at odds along with my cousin.
My Mom's youngest brother got sort of married last Sunday. What I mean by sort of is his fiance's divorce was not final so even though they exchanged vows, they were not officially married. So I've dubbed it "the wedding that wasn't." The ceremony was very beautiful the minister talked about salt and by blending the 2 together you can not tell who's salt was who's, and for the first time in my memory I have seen my uncle happy. They also dedicated the day to my parents who were also married there almost 49 years ago.
It was very emotional when my uncle realized that his brother wasn't there. He had cried, which in turn made both me and my mother cry.
My cousin, my uncle's son was there but he really didn't want to be. And you could tell...he didn't sit with his family. Instead he sat apart. At first I was happy that he was there, but as things progressed I had really wished he had stayed home along with his sister. His attitude and that of his wife made me upset and actually angry.
I am also concerned about my 2 uncle's relationship. I am very afraid this could do permanent damage.
I remember all the past Christmas' and all the happy times we all seems like they are dying.
My grandmother would have gone, she might not of liked the way it was being done but she still would have been there and had a happy joyous spirit.
My Grandmother was the peacekeeper. She always wanted people to be happy, sometimes at the expense of herself. She wouldn't like this.
I want to speak out and say you only have 1 life. You only have 1 brother left and only 1 father. Life is way too short.....But instead I stay silent...
You know I don't agree to the way this all happened, I do wish that they had delayed it until the divorce was final. I don't like the way my uncle has lived his life in the past, but I still love him and try not to judge.
Why can't the rest of the family do this, not judge.
I just pray the God intervenes in all this.

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