Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A bit of good news!

It's so nice to write a bit of good news for a change. :-)
The results of the PET scan were somewhat positive. My onocologist, Dr Siddiqui originally felt that my cancer was a fast grade cancer. In possibly stage 4 with a 38% survival rate this is what I figured out. He did not tell me this. After getting the results he feels that it may a slow grade cancer in a much lower stage. The only negative was the fact that I have metal fillings in my mouth so, on the PET scan my mouth glowed. :-)
That is also the area he really wanted to see. So going to Mayo is even more important.
So far the treatment that we discussed was chemotherapy with an alternative medicine.
So things look a lot rosier than before. He did say that fast grade cancers can also look like this, but rarely. So I'm keeping that fact in the back of my mind but focusing on slow- grade and a longer life.
We, my family left the doctors office smiling instead of crying and that was a good thing.
Now I'm looking at catalogs for wigs and other things I will probably need.
I'll start some kind of treatment when we return from Mayo Clinic. So far I got poked twice today, for a flu and pneumonia shots.
I also walked out with some catalogs for wigs and all that. Because with chemotherapy I will lose my hair. I told Mom that it would probably grow back in white and straight! :-) I do have a couple that I like and the catalog with from the American Cancer Society.
I am very hopeful that I'll be able to sing and talk normally yet!

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