Friday, November 28, 2008

What we found out at Mayo Clinic

We learned a lot from going to the Mayo Clinic but I need to back track to Tuesday. On Tuesday we left the clinic with heavy hearts. We were told of 2 options that could happen. One that the "hot spots" in my back could be that my cancer had gone down into my back. Which meant they would send me home and they would throw anything they could at me. I had remembered that my ex-father in law had bone cancer. He was in terrible pain. That was something that I didn't want to go thru and scared of it.
The second thing was if the cancer hadn't traveled down my back then for the best chance at saving my life was to stay there, have a re-sectioning of my trachea and have powerful radiation. Over the course of 7 weeks. We could stay at the Mayo Clinic for free. Wasn't the best option but if they could save my life..... but it would take us totally away from our support system.
They needed an MRI done of my back so they could see what was going on there. I had that done Tuesday night.
The MRI went well. I found out that I'm not claustrophobic. :-) The background sound, sounded like an antique engine so that made me feel relaxed. Buddy's family collects antique engines so it was a sound I was familiar with. I concentrated on that noise as much as I could, prayed and thought of uplifting songs that I know.
Yesterday our appointment was with another oncologist. We found out what they felt was needed.
We really liked the doctor. He was very through all in his exam and took a lot of time with us explaining things and going thru everything.
He told us that in my back I have a benign stress fracture. It will need to be monitored. There is no need of a biopsy. When he showed us on the scan the section in question. It wasn't shaped in the nice square shape like it's suppose to.
Because there is so much of my esophagus involved surgery isn't an option. Your esophagus/windpipe goes down and splits into 2. One side goes to the right lung the other the left lung. My esophagus as you go down there is a lining that grows thicker and thicker to the point at when it gets to the right lung it's almost closed. So I've been operating on almost 1 lung. So I will need to undergo not chemotherapy but very strong radiation. They need to be careful because my spine is directly behind the esophagus and won't take a lot of radiation. So they will angle is out slightly. Radiation will be everyday for 6 weeks or longer. They may take a break in between in case I need a break. The side effects of radiation are esophagealtitus (sp?) sore throat, and fatigue. The other thing the oncologist told us is that the cancer may come back.
So although this wasn't the best news it was much better news.
I don't need to be concerned right now about my back. I am losing weight, my choice, on my own, with no medication. I've lost 32 pounds so far. I'm going to start doing yoga exercises and tai chi to strengthen my stomach muscles. That will help my back.
I won't have surgery, nor will I be having my treatments at Mayo Clinic. That was the other thing he told us. That my treatments can be done down here. So we'll be home with family and friends. That sounded wonderful to Buddy and I.
Thru all this time we've been depending on God to get us thru. Even tho we know that there are worse things I'll need to endure we know that God is with us holding our hands. We were showed that Tuesday with all the signs that we saw.
We go to see my oncologist Monday and will probably will start the radiation soon.
Thank you for all the support and prayers. We have really needed them and continue to need them.
We will stay in touch.
Love to you all,
Dawn and Buddy
~Sometimes God brings things to you because you have the strength thru him to deal with it. ~
"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28
~All Animals are God's angels, they give to us their unconditional love~.
~A dog has one aim in bestow his heart. J.R. Ackerley~

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