Saturday, November 8, 2008

Getting healthy

I guess getting healthy can take on all kinds of views and opinions. Today I saw many people I haven't seen in a long time. It made me happy to see people and that they recognized me. Maybe because I was with my Mom or maybe because I was with Buddy. You see sometimes people don't know me unless I'm with Buddy. It's never bothered me because I've always enjoyed being Buddy's wife.
I'm also need to take a healthy look at what I'm dealing with. Lately I've had a lot of upper back pain. At times to the point where I cry. Then I ask God to give me strength to get thru. And sometimes the pain lessens. It doesn't always but I still believe God has given me strength and is always there for me.
My pastor apologized to me that he misunderstood my diagnosis. But later on in the day I thought, I really don't know what my diagnosis is really. I have a tentative diagnosis of a tumor that could be carcinoid cancer but it's could be benign. So what does that really mean?
I guess that I'll find out on Tuesday. When I have a definite diagnosis.
Several weeks ago, or maybe a month ago, I found out a teacher and friend of mine was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She had a hysterectomy and is undergoing chemo/radiation. I had gone out and bought cards right away. But got sidetracked with spending time with Bobbie, having him put to sleep and then my surgery, and possible diagnosis. I had remembered about the cards. Do you think I could find them? Nope. So I sent her an e-mail telling her that she and her family were in my prayers. I did find another card to send her but I didn't want to send her just a card.
I have a book of bible verses for encouragement, faith, peace, etc. So I have written several of these verses on index cards. I felt what better encouragement to give her than God's perfect word.
I guess getting healthy has many faces. I just need to stay positive.....

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