Monday, November 24, 2008

One down and three to go

Well, we went to our 1st appoinment at Mayo's. We found out a few things that we didn't know before.
One is that they think I've had this cancer for awhile two, there are 2 hot spots that showed the PET scan. They need to find out if these two places are cancerous if so that means the cancer has grown past my chest cavity. How does that affect me? They can find this out by either a MRI or a bone marrow biopsy. I'll be doing that in DeKalb. Also my lymph nodes have enlarged to the point that my right side isn't getting much air. Gee no wonder I've been getting winded.
I have registered for research, so that they can learn more about my type of cancer and help someone else.
We will be here tomorrow, and Wednesday. I have a breathing treatment and see a radiation onocologist tomorrow. Weds. we see a medical onocologist. They say that I will need radiation along with chemotherapy.
Buddy has said that we are leaving on Weds. no matter what. We won't be here for Thanksgiving! We want to be with family.
I saw a pulmonary doctor today, we had wondered about that. Instead of sending me directly to an onocologist. We thought that probably we had to go thru the channels and needed to see the pulmonary doctor first. Get this doctor on board.
Anyway, this what we know so far. This wasn't the best news we could have gotten. It's still a slow growing cancer, but now how long have I had it?
I still trust God. He is in control of all of this. He will never leave me and my family. I firmly believe this. I'll stay in touch.
Dawn and Buddy

~Sometimes God brings things to you because you have the strength thru him to deal with it. ~
"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28
~All Animals are God's angels, they give to us their unconditional love~.
~A dog has one aim in bestow his heart. J.R. Ackerley~

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